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Back in Motion provide the following services:


Our team of university educated professionals specialize in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of injuries, disabilities and movement disorders.

The goal is to help you in restoring your pre-injury physical function , decrease pain and possibly elevate your level of performance. Findings from the assessment determine what methods are used in each individuals treatment plan.

The goal is to improve your overall well being and mobility.

Initial Assessment (First appointment)

During the first visit, your medical history is reviewed as well as a detailed physical examination of the injury or related body part. This can include joint motion, strength, posture, balance, gait and functional movement. The physiotherapist will design a treatment plan based on the findings from the assessment as well as try to educate you about your injury so you are able to understand the benefits of the treatment plan that is put in place.

Treatment Plans may include one or more of the following:
  • Manual therapy
  • Exercise program
  • Acupuncture
  • Modalities

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be used together with physiotherapy or on its own, depending on the injury and desired outcomes. Our registered massage therapists focus on soft tissue manipulation to enhance muscle performance and to promote relaxation of the bodyís nervous system promoting healing, circulation and waste reduction in tissue.

During the first visit with our registered massage therapist an initial assessment including a review of medical history is completed.

Massage Therapy Pricing
  • 30 Minutes $45
  • 45 Minutes $60
  • 60 Minutes $70
  • 90 Minutes $100


Chiropody is a specialized field of medicine which focuses on the assessment, treatment and prevention of foot and foot related conditions ranging from skin and nail problems to biomechanical problems affecting the feet.

Chiropody assessment seeks to understand not only the presenting symptoms but also any underlying cause. This is achieved through examination, discussion and accurate assessment to come up with a treatment plan to suit individual needs.

Some conditions can be resolved quickly, while others may require periodic maintenance to keep the feet comfortable.

Commonly treated problems include: corns and callous, thickened and ingrown toenails, skin infections/athletes foot, diabetic and arthritic foot problems, plantar warts, heel and arch pain, metatarsalgia.

Orthotic therapy: For some structureal conditions, orthotics may be necessary to provide functional improvement or biomechanical correction to relieve stress in the feet, knees, hips or low back.

Custom molded foot orthotics are manufactured from a corrected plaster cast of the foot, this ensures that the finished device fits accurately to promote the most efficient functioning possible, which in turn reduces symptoms of pain and fatigue.


Back In Motion provides the service of custom and off-the-shelf bracing. Our physiotherapists have received specialized training in order to provide this service.

Custom knee bracing is available for patients experiencing pain and reduced mobility as a result of ligament instability or osteoarthritis. Custom ligament bracing provides support and protection of the knee joint for all types of ligament instability. Custom unloader braces have been scientifically proven to relieve pain and increase mobility in cases of knee osteoarthritis.

A variety of off-the-shelf bracing is available to suit all ages, body types and levels of activity. Bracing is used in various orthopaedic conditions including tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, joint instability and musculoskeletal pain. The physiotherapist will make recommendations and fit you with the appropriate type of brace.

We can help make a difference whether your goal is to reduce pain, participate in sports or return to regular functioning at home and work. Most braces are covered by extended health plans if a physicianís referral is made.


Within the scope of physiotherapy practice, acupuncture involves the insertion of small needles into the body in order to reduce pain. Physiotherapists at Back In Motion have post-graduate certification from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. If acupuncture is a treatment option for you, the physiotherapist will discuss the procedure along with all risks and benefits of the treatment.

Corporate Programs

Whether you are a business, school or other organization, Back In Motion wants to work with your group to educate and empower them to live healthier and more active lives. Improving physical health can positively impact your teamís morale, productivity and even performance. Here are some examples of the services we can provide:
  • Customized workshops:eg stretching and strengthening exercises to relieve neck and back pain, basic core strengthening, carrying and lifting techniques
  • Lunch hour lectures: eg recognizing signs and symptoms of injury, principles of warm-up and stretching, ergonomics at home and work
  • On-site event support:eg brief consultation and treatments, providing information on injury prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
We strongly believe in the power of education and knowledge. We look forward to opportunities to promote physical activity and well-being in our community. Call us today if you have any questions.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

We are able to offer Functional Capacity Evaluations performed by a registered physiotherapist. These assessments are useful in tracking a client's progress through a rehabilitative program, as a guideline for returning a client to work and as a quantitative measure of physical ability/limitations. The assessments can be requested by a health care practitioner, insurance company, employer or legal representative. Standardized testing methods and equipment are used to complete a fully objective assessment and evaluate the client's performance. A full report including charts and normal comparative values is completed after every evaluation.

Karla Lessif - BSc.,Bsc.PT - Registered Physiotherapist/Owner
  • Graduate of University of Western Ontario
  • Member Ontario Physiotherapy Association
  • Member Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • McKenzie Part A Certification ( Assessment and Treatment of Low Back Pain)
  • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Certification
  • Certified in Functional Capacity Evaluations

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